Structure your disaster relief programs for fast response and greater impact.

See how CyberGrants allows you to respond instantly with disaster relief efforts when the need for your generosity is greatest.

Mobilize quickly when your relief contributions are needed the most.

We all see it. The number of billion-dollar disasters has increased 700% over the last decade. When urgent, heart-wrenching needs emerge overnight, CyberGrants can help you accelerate your best charitable disaster relief efforts. No other software solution lets you achieve the same level of responsiveness.
Haiti Disaster Response

Learn more about rapid response to disasters and mass trauma events happening now.

Across the globe, devastating, heart-wrenching disasters seem to be around every corner, but philanthropic organizations like yours have the unique ability to be flexible and act fast. Speed is critical to any disaster relief effort. Don’t wait – Ensure you have the programs in place to support relief today, and the recovery efforts tomorrow and beyond. See how CyberGrants helps you respond rapidly with programs to provide local and global support where it is needed most.

“We support a lot of communities, we make a lot of incredible programs happen that support communities all over the world. CyberGrants helps us do that every day. Disney participates in charitable grant making, non-cash contributions, employee programs that are comprised of matching gifts, a dollars for doers program called “Ears to You”, and volunteerism. We have localized community grants, as well as larger, more focused strategic grants in our focus areas. CyberGrants is a big part of our team making that happen.”

– Disney

5 Building Blocks for a Strong Disaster Response & Recover Strategy:

  1. Adopt a year-round approach. Keep a pulse on seasonal disasters for more comprehensive response & recovery planning.
  2. Maintain Robust Processes. Understand your workflows so you can identify opportunities for flexibility to expedite timelines when necessary.
  3. Harnesses the Power of Purpose. Create a multifaceted disaster readiness plan utilizing employee giving, matching, volunteering and grants.
  4. Leverage connections with your Nonprofit partners. Identify global organizations with local chapters that align with your values so you can mobilize with the flip of a switch.
  5. Employ Agile Technology. Having the right technological tools is of the utmost importance when pivoting at a moment’s notice.

How can you make an impact in the event of a disaster or crisis?


Encourage Personal Giving

Consider adopting or expanding personal giving programs. Credit card donations can facilitate giving and the option to remove Nonprofit matching gift approvals is available.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Build Employee Assistance Programs

Establishing an EAP program for this Qualified Disaster allowing your employees to request assistance in a time of need.


Leverage In-person & Virtual Volunteerism

Adapt volunteer programs and provide purposeful engagement opportunities for employees.

Grants Management

Consider Stabilization or Recovery Grants

New, unrestricted grant(s) to nonprofit partners to assist them through this challenging time.

Extended Community

Utilize Your Extended Community

Make it a friendly competition by tracking participation by teams or individuals. Easily encourage people through the platform to bring friends and colleagues along to help the cause.

Reassess In-Kind Giving Needs of Nonprofits

Do existing nonprofits need something different that you can offer, and/or are there other nonprofits out there that need your support?

Swiftly activate new disaster relief programs:

Quickly roll out campaigns to support targeted causes

Take advantage of exclusive CyberGrants rapid launch templates to put focused giving programs in place to support your disaster relief efforts.

Mobilize resources faster

Enlist the giving power of your employee base by giving them what they want — the opportunity to make a positive impact.

Disburse funds faster and more securely

With Cyber Grants’ extensive analytic capabilities you get a very clear, real-time picture of where money is going. So not only can you continuously adjust, refine and increase outcomes, but just as importantly demonstrate your initiatives.

Learn more about achieving Agile Social Impact

See how CyberGrants helps you respond with greater speed, impact and focus across all of your CSR initiatives.

Achieve Agile Social Impact across all your CSR efforts.

Grants Management

Speed and streamline the granting process for your team and the NPOs you support, so they can devote more time and effort to their causes.

Employee Giving

Quickly implement new programs and provide employees choice. Use Viral Engagement techniques to build camaraderie and excitement.


Create innovative programs, tap the unique expertise of your employees, and give them the flexibility to pursue your chosen causes or their own.


Integration with AP systems automates disbursements while serving as the system of record for all payments related to medical affairs grants.

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  • Making Disaster Relief and Response Part of Your CSR Strategy

    Leverage your company’s CSR technology to execute sustainable and scalable disaster relief and response initiatives. The need for support is ever rising and you need not look farther than your employees and community for those willing to take action.


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