Employee Giving Software: Drive Deeper Engagement Now

Make it easy for your team to give and implement innovative employee giving programs with the CSR industry’s most flexible philanthropy software platform from CyberGrants.

Connect your employees to each other and to your company’s mission with employee giving.

Let your employees be partners in how your organization promotes social impact. Allow them to share their insights and support the causes they care about with the unique flexibility provided by CyberGrants.


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Allow employees to support more charitable opportunities than before.

When it comes to employee giving, the CyberGrants platform unifies and supports all of your charitable opportunities while offering employees greater flexibility than any other platform.

“The grassroots vision of Viral Engagement builds on the strength of our program, which is our committed team members. We think it’s a game-changer for corporate philanthropy.”

Jennifer Moe
Target | Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Implement employee giving software with agile capabilities that benefit your team:

Role-based access

Give administrators and managers access to the specific information they need through configurable dashboards.

Access from anywhere

Maximize your impact by giving your team the option to give at any time, from anywhere.

One interface for employees

Streamline and simplify the granting process for your team and the nonprofits you support, so they can devote more time and effort to their causes.

Online eligibility checks

Easily assure your team members if they are eligible for program benefits.

Access agile capabilities that benefit you:

Create viral engagement

Drive immediate increases in buy-in, participation, and contribution through your employee giving software by harnessing powerful, peer-driven capabilities such as individual dashboards, gamification, and activity feeds.

Rules-based approvals

Take the complexity out of approvals by automating them using set guidelines. This lessens administrative burdens and reduces the back and forth that’s typical in the employee giving approval process.

Automated payroll

Lower administrative costs by letting CyberGrants’ employee giving software handle all of the payroll work for you.

Multiple languages and currencies

Access charities all over the globe and make the world a better place through CyberGrants’ support for multiple languages and currencies.

Robust, real-time reporting

Pull reports on anything, at any time with our powerful tools built right into our platform. Gain valuable data to evaluate the performance of your employee giving program at any given moment.

Executive dashboards

Monitor your company or foundation’s entire set of initiatives with robust, configurable dashboards. These tools allow executives to choose exactly what they need to see at a glance.

Create innovative programs with CyberGrants’ flexible employee giving software:

Matching gifts

Amplify employee engagement initiatives with matching gifts and promote the specific causes that matter to your workforce.

Payroll deduction

Give employees the chance to support the causes that mean the most to them with payroll deduction.

Political action campaigns

Provide your employees a secure platform to pool resources and help their voices be heard on issues they care about.

Charitable spending account

Allow employees to set aside pretax dollars for donations in a manner similar to popular health budget accounts.

Employee assistance

Show your employees that their company and coworkers have their backs. Team members can apply for financial support or donate to the employee relief fund.

Tuition reimbursement

Encourage your employees to continue their education with a tuition reimbursement program, along with optional scholarship programs for family members’ education.

Wellness programs

Support your employees’ comprehensive wellness goals and reap the benefits of a healthier, happier workforce.

Product/in kind giving

Donate needed goods and services such as products, airline miles, or other non-cash assets to charitable organizations.

Board Service

Share board service opportunities with eligible team members and promote involvement.

Employee Resource Groups

Support employee resource groups and promote participation. 

Keeping Remote Workers Emotionally Invested: How to Improve Employee Engagement With Your Giving Programs

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The evolving nature of work has led to big changes and an even bigger challenge: keeping your workers engaged and aligned with your organization’s purpose. But that task is more important than ever, as workers—especially younger ones—are actively seeking out employers whose purposes align with their values.

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Leverage employee giving to maximize social impact across all your CSR efforts.

Grants Management

Simplify the granting process for your team and the nonprofits you support to fast-track approved funds.

Disaster Relief

Harness our flexible employee giving platform to quickly create targeted programs whenever unforeseen events make the news or impact your community.


Create innovative programs, tap into the unique expertise of your employees, and give them the flexibility to pursue your organization’s chosen causes or their own.


Integration with AP systems automates disbursements while serving as the system of record for all payments.

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