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Proving Your Social Impact: Is Your Data Telling the Right Story?

Topic: Data storytelling can help you identify trends and patterns, reach your goals faster, and signify where and how you can make better data-driven decisions for your organization.

But what is that story? Watch this recorded webinar and learn best practices on how to define and tell your social impact story and how your data is the star of the show.

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Supporting Your Community Through CSR: Building a Successful Crisis Relief Program

Topic: We’re excited to have Stacey Smida, Senior Manager of Global and Community Engagement at Cargill, and Jessie Krafft, SVP of External Affairs at CAF America, joining us to share their experiences building relief programs and engaging employees.

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Now Not Later: 6 Steps to Get Buy-In for Your Dream CSR Program

Topic: Ready to update your outdated CSR program or, perhaps, switch to a new program altogether? Join us for our informative webinar on the 6-step approach to getting the buy-in you need from your decision-makers to design your CSR program the way you want it to be.

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Voice of the Employee: Using the Scientific Method to Collect & Action Feedback

Topic: The most impactful giving and volunteer programs start by getting inside the minds and hearts of your people. Doing this requires understanding their unique interests, motivators, and barriers. Participation is inevitable when people have the opportunity to give towards a cause they highly value.

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Giving Your Employees a Better CSR Experience With the Right Technology

Topic: In this webinar, you’ll learn about bringing impact data together for easy access to meaningful dashboards, benchmarking program performance against company-wide giving goals, and connecting employees to each other, the causes they care about, and to the highest mission of your organization.

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Harness the Power of your Data & Realize the Full Potential of your Impact Story

Topic: Leaders in social impact face a growing demand from internal and external stakeholders to report impact outcomes, prove ROI, share diversity, equity, and inclusion data, and disclose progress towards ESG and SDG goals – quickly and accurately. More than ever, you need to get the most out of your data to uncover the full potential of your impact story.

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Uniting Your Giving Tuesday Efforts

Wednesday, November 11, 1pm – 2pm EDT
During this session, Woodrow Rosenbaum, GivingTuesday’s data expert will share his key findings and unique perspective on giving this year using their data driven research approach, Qgiv’s CEO Todd Baylis will discuss charitable organization fundraising and shifts in giving, and CyberGrants’ SVP of Product and Client Services Pete Karns will expound upon the importance of operational efficiency in corporate giving between donors and nonprofits.

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The Evolution of International Paper’s Community Engagement: Incorporating philanthropy, employee engagement, and sustainability

Wednesday, October 28, 1pm – 1:45pm EDT
In this Coffee Talk session, CyberGrants Nita Kirby talks with Dr. Alissa Campbell Shaw of International Paper for a conversation about their preparation  for the most comprehensive global response in the company’s history to help alleviate hunger during the pandemic.

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How Shell, Exelon, CenterPoint and Alliant Energy Created a Winning Strategy for Volunteerism and Community Engagement

Topic: During this session leaders from Shell, Exelon, CenterPoint and Alliant Energy will discuss the processes they used to tap into employee passions, build community relationships and drive innovation to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

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Living Their Values: Comcast NBCUniversal discusses ways they are building and rebuilding stronger and more inclusive communities

Topic: In this Coffee Talk session, CyberGrants Lisa Watkinson talks with  Alexandra Dailerian of Comcast NBCUniversal to discuss their efforts to mobilize as a company and help create a more equitable, just, and inclusive society within their wall and beyond.




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On the Front Lines, and Using FrontDoor. A Discussion with CyberGrants Nonprofit Council.


Topic: During this Coffee Talk session hosted by Pete Karns, get the nonprofit perspective about the current giving ecosystem, from Feeding America, American Cancer Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the University of Texas Foundation.


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How PepsiCo Foundation Meets Basic Needs and Feeds Potential toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Topic: Join us for our Coffee Talk session with Marcie Passarella of the PepsiCo Foundation and Nita Kirby of CyberGrants as they discuss PepsiCo Foundations’ initiatives and  alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Power of Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) in Community Engagement

Topic: Join us to learn how Levi’s ERGs Bring Passion, Energy, and Innovation to Address Social and Business Challenges. A conversation with Sarah Negron, of the Levi’s Strauss Foundation and Nita Kirby, Director of Product Strategy & Adoption, CyberGrants.

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Investing Hearts, Hands, and Minds in Service to Communities


Topic: Join us to learn how US Bank is unifying giving, volunteering, and engagement though their Community Possible program. A conversation with Jamie Inn, Vice President, National Manager of Community Engagement at US Bank, and Pete Karns, SVP Product and Client Services, CyberGrants.

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Rapid Relief for Maximum Impact - How AbbVie Leverages Relationships and Infrastructure to Speed Response to 2020’s Biggest Challenges

Topic:  In this Coffee Talk session with Jessica Zar of AbbVie and Nita Kirby of CyberGrants as they discuss AbbVie’s response to COVID-19, racial justice, natural disasters, and how they are supporting employees as they transition back to office environments.




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Achieve Agile Social Impact across all your CSR efforts.

Grants Management

Speed and streamline the granting process for your team and the NPOs you support, so they can devote more time and effort to their causes.

Employee Giving

Quickly implement new programs and provide employees choice. Use Viral Engagement techniques to build camaraderie and excitement.


Create innovative programs, tap the unique expertise of your employees, and give them the flexibility to pursue your chosen causes or their own.


Integration with AP systems automates disbursements while serving as the system of record for all payments related to medical affairs grants.

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  • Increase Impact with a Data-Driven Disaster Response | CyberGrants

    When it comes to disaster relief, urgent needs often emerge overnight. Whether you’re facing a local crisis or you’re responding to an international conflict, time is of the essence. Your company needs to be equipped with tools to respond rapidly and effectively, even before a disaster hits. As a result, preparedness is key to a successful disaster relief and response program. 

  • Meaningful Ways You Can Support Ukraine | CyberGrants

    On Thursday, February 24, 2022, the world was brought to a standstill as news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, launched what he called “a special military operation” from multiple fronts aimed at demilitarizing Ukraine. Since then, Russian troops have seized several territories and are pushing to take over major cities including the capital, Kyiv. Following the attack, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, called on citizens to defend their nation and urged global leaders to provide defense assistance to Ukraine and help protect its airspace from Russian attacks. 

  • Making Disaster Relief and Response Part of Your CSR Strategy

    Leverage your company’s CSR technology to execute sustainable and scalable disaster relief and response initiatives. The need for support is ever rising and you need not look farther than your employees and community for those willing to take action.


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