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impact-to-giving ratio with corporate philanthropy.

Join the world’s most respected organizations and achieve maximum results from your corporate philanthropy programs.

Maximize the social impact of your corporate philanthropy.

With CyberGrants’ proven workflow engine and community of passionate innovators powering your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, you’ll serve the nonprofits you support faster and better cater to their emerging needs. Become one of the hundreds of respected, generous, and purpose-driven organizations delivering maximum impact with CyberGrants’ corporate philanthropy software.

Unleash your philanthropic potential.

CyberGrants unites volunteering, employee giving, and grantmaking initiatives under one platform. Explore our unique giving ecosystem and see how you can amplify every aspect of your corporate philanthropy strategy.

A graphic comprised of layered circles. Each circle represents the different layers of the corporate philanthropy ecosystem—employee giving, volunteering, and grantmaking.


Build tighter bonds with organizations that share your purpose, and deliver on it for you.



Maximize engagement among your employees and tap their passion for doing good.



Distribute funds efficiently and quickly drive more dollars to the causes you support.



Lift administrative burden from your supported NPOs so they can focus more energy on the mission.



See the cumulative impact of your tightly tuned giving ecosystem on the communities you serve.

Experience a seamless grantmaking process

Maximize impact through employee engagement

Offer flexible, innovative programs for giving back

This image of a clock represents how CyberGrants’ corporate philanthropy software allows your organization to react quickly.

Activate instantly

Act fast when worthy causes for corporate philanthropy emerge. Whether driven by geographical or economic factors, human action, or climate change, CyberGrants supports your disaster relief efforts and enables you to react quickly to global and local needs.

This icon of a fuel gauge represents how CyberGrants’’ corporate philanthropy software helps launch new programs quickly to provide aid to those who need it most.

Deliver immediately

Launch new programs quickly, automate processes, streamline approvals, and expedite payments with CyberGrants’ disbursement solution. Put your much-needed aid where it belongs — in the hands of those who need it and in time to make an even greater difference for your community.

This graphic of an increasing bar graph represents how your organization can increase its impact with corporate philanthropy software.

Amplify impact

Maximize the impact of your corporate philanthropy programs. Create efficiencies for you and the nonprofits you support by cutting overhead, freeing up more money for the causes you champion. Then, see exactly how and where you’re making an impact with extensive reporting and analytics.


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Don’t just do good things.

Do the right good things.

Respond faster to the most urgent causes and greatest needs.
Maximize the impact of your donations while strategically aligning your philanthropy efforts with your corporate mission.

CSR software trusted by the world’s most generous leaders.

This image shows the Tesaro logo. Tesaro is one of the many top organizations using CyberGrants’ corporate philanthropy software.
This image shows the Verizon logo. Verizon is one of the many top organizations using CyberGrants’ corporate philanthropy software.
This image shows the Walmart logo. Walmart is one of the many top organizations using CyberGrants’ corporate philanthropy software.
This image shows the Cisco logo. Cisco is one of the many top organizations using CyberGrants’ corporate philanthropy software.

CyberGrants delivers tremendous global impact.

We process nearly one-third of all corporate giving.

We reach close to 19 million employees of the U.S. workforce with employee programs.

We enable our clients to give $6.5 billion and 54 million volunteer hours to more than 650,000 NPOs in 150+ different countries annually.

We serve more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and 18 of the 25 largest corporate foundations.

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  • Amplify Employee Giving Through a Matching Gift Integration with EveryAction

    Over the past several years, employee matching programs have become one of the most popular forms of workplace giving for leading corporations. Matching gift programs are a simple yet effective way for employers to invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and show employees they care about the causes they’re passionate about. Although 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs, it's estimated that $4 -7 billion in available matches is left on the table each year. So, while your company may be offering a generous match, employees still need to take action to participate.  

  • Explore How Energy Companies Unleash Community Impact with CyberGrants

    It’s no secret that the energy sector is uniquely positioned within the social good landscape as it faces increasing societal pressure due to its significant environmental footprint. And with rising global challenges like climate change, pollution, and deforestation, corporate giving programs are more than just good business. As a result, leading energy companies have made strides to implement robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to address top-of-mind issues and weave philanthropy into the fiber of their corporate purpose. 

  • Impact Makers: Energizing Communities with Xcel Energy

    Xcel Energy delivers clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy to more than 3.7 million electric customers and 2.1 million natural gas customers in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. Although providing energy is their priority, they know it is not their only responsibility. Xcel Energy is dedicated to powering the communities where their employees and customers live and work through robust corporate giving opportunities. From their grant program, Energizing the Future, to employee engagement opportunities, the spirit of giving shines bright at Xcel Energy. 



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