Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates CyberGrants from other CSR software providers?
CyberGrants is the only platform built from the ground-up to handle both grantmaking and employee engagement. It’s a total solution that can manage and automate complex program requirements every step of the way so you can focus on doing more great work.
Does CyberGrants support international giving?
Yes, the CyberGrants client list includes multi-national, global corporations and our software supports multiple languages and currencies so you can review, approve, and execute programs worldwide.
How much does it cost to use CyberGrants?
Our pricing model is a combination of one-time implementation costs (based on the complexity of your needs and program components) and ongoing licensing fees (dependent upon the number and types of users).
What options does CyberGrants have for processing payments?

CyberGrants offers a variety of payment options including payroll integration, automated clearinghouse (or ACH/electronic transfers), and credit cards. Additionally, we can process checks on behalf of NPOs.

What kind of training and support is provided after implementation?

Training is available onsite, online, or over the phone. You will also have resource documents for your reference. Additionally, there will be a team of CyberGrants experts assigned to your account that will provide ongoing support.

How does CyberGrants protect our data and financial transactions?

We protect sensitive information about your grantseekers and employees with state of the art, end-to end security measures. We commission third-party audits to continuously improve every aspect of security, including physical, hardware and database security, data encryption and secure, offsite backup storage. Your data is encrypted while stored and in-transit, and is protected by continuous monitoring and the latest intrusion prevention systems.

Can CyberGrants accommodate a program that’s already developed?

Our team has worked on programs for some of the most sophisticated and generous organizations in the world. You can leverage their experience to accommodate your existing program as is, refine or optimize your current programs, and/or help you develop a brand new program.

How does CyberGrants facilitate multiple administrators?

The CyberGrants system is designed to easily accommodate multiple administrators. Your users can be given various levels of system access and approvals based on their roles and requirements.

How does CyberGrants update its software and what does it cost?

CyberGrants regularly adds new features to our software and makes them available at no charge to our customers.

Can we manage the system ourselves?

Yes, CyberGrants is designed to be self-managed (e.g. admins can activate/turn off disaster relief programs, grant various approvals, etc.). Of course, you’ll have a team of CyberGrants experts assigned to your account if you need additional support.

How will I report on my data?

Standard, ad hoc, custom reports, and dashboards are available. Your CyberGrants team will work with you to determine the best way to report on the impact your programming is having.

What parts of the grants management process does CyberGrants automate?

From qualification and submission to approval and post-award analysis, CyberGrants supports the complete grantmaking lifecycle. The system is robust and flexible enough to automate the full scope of your grantmaking needs, including payments, reporting, communicating with your end users, and more.

How long does implementation take?

Implementation timing varies based on the programs and complexity of your needs. CyberGrants utilizes a four-step implementation methodology as a guideline for all our implementations. This process has been refined over hundreds of implementations and is tailored to fit the unique needs of each client. Each implementation is assigned a project manager and implementation consultant who will work closely with your team to manage the process and insure your needs are met.

What kind of support can you provide to our end users?

Grantseekers and NPOs will have access to phone and email based support from our Contact Centers. The Contact Centers are based in our corporate offices in Andover, MA and Princeton, NJ and work closely with our account teams to provide your users the most complete and updated information..