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Giving Tuesday incredible.

Our recent webinar had experts from, Qgiv and CyberGrants offer their unique perspectives on an unprecedented giving season and learn how to drive impact through unified giving efforts.

Now more than ever we are called to make a difference.

What is Giving Tuesday? GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past seven years, it has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts and everyone has something to give.

Need some #givingtuesday inspiration?
Join us for a webinar with Qgiv and

Digital Summit Series

Uniting Your Giving Tuesday Efforts – Giving Tuesday, Qgiv and CyberGrants Offer 3 Perspectives On Ways to Make Your Year-End Campaign A Smashing Success

Join us as Woodrow Rosenbaum, GivingTuesday’s data expert dives into his key findings and unique perspective on giving this year using their data driven research approach. Follow along as Qgiv’s CEO Todd Baylis as he explores charitable organization fundraising and shifts in giving, and CyberGrants SVP of Product and Client Services Pete Karns expounds upon the importance of operational efficiency in corporate giving between donors and nonprofits.

Giving Tuesday 2020

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With all the tools you need to amplify your #givingtuesday impact at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless.

This #givingtuesday we are making it super simple for you to provide your employees the opportunity to give. With over one million nonprofits to choose from, allow employees to search, select and give or customize your portal with featured organizations.  Set your match and you’re ready to go, happy giving!

#givingtuesday Resources

Giving Made Simple

What better time than now to kick off giving programs for your company or encourage employees to get engaged in new and different ways? Whether you choose to volunteer employee hours for company sponsored events, offer employee giving match programs, or simply identify focus areas that align with your brand, there is no better time to start rallying your workforce around a cause that drives passion and awareness.

Results from GivingTuesday NOW, with guest speaker Netscout

Held on May 5th, 2020, GivingTuesdayNow was a global day of giving and unity as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. In what typically takes a year to organize and plan GivingTuesday, GivingTuesdayNow was pulled together in 5 weeks, with its decision to launch made only 3 days prior to this announcement. In this talk, GivingTuesday’s Chief Data Officer Woodrow Rosenbaum and Karen McCloskey, Director of Internal Communications at NetScout will discuss the results, best practices, and lessons learned from GivingTuesdayNow.

2021 CSR Planning Calendar

The CyberGrants 2021 CSR Planning Calendar is a Google Drive based planner that makes it easy to stay on top of holidays, special events, volunteering opportunities and more all within one document. Inside you’ll find access to monthly, editable sheets showcasing major holidays and observations that your company needs to be aware. 

How you can make an impact this #givingtuesday:

GivingTuesday is about giving of all types — some may choose to give a financial contribution to their favorite cause or a fundraising drive, others will opt to reach out to neighbors, start an advocacy campaign, donate goods or extra supplies, or just share gratitude. If you can show generosity and share kindness, you have something to give!

Here are 5 quick and easy ways to engage your employees and peers while doing an incredible amount of social good:

  1. Save the date with a Giving Tuesday Calendar invite
    This is a simple way to remind and invite all your employees to engage in Giving Tuesday. Include in the invite any import information pertaining to all your giving Tuesday campaigns and links to where employees should go to make a contribution

  2. Help spread the word by connecting with others on social media!
    ● Talk about giving and generosity using the hashtag GivingTuesday
    ● Share Facebook posts —
    ● Follow @GivingTuesday @CyberGrants on Twitter  and use the GivingTuesday hashtag

  3. Create a Meaningful Hashtag
    Using a company specific hashtag can help encourage employees and get them involved! It’s easy to set up a feed and get the participation flowing. Along with your company hashtag, post using the Giving Tuesday #UNselfie template for employees to share how they are giving this year. This is particularly useful if your company has more than one location or you have remote workers.

  4. Make giving fun with gamification!
    Create some viral competition for Giving Tuesday through your workplace giving program, with an incentive to earn the title of most generous state, team, or department. For example, encouraged employees to donate to nonprofits of their choice by using the firm’s workplace giving program competition with a $2 for $1 matching gift promotion.

  5. Double Down On a Cause That Matters to Your Company
    This is probably the most important element of creating an incredible #GivingTuesday – finding a cause that speaks to your employees, your company, and your clients. What do they hold dear? What would your target base be most interested in? Find opportunities and encourage them to volunteer

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Visit to learn more about the movement, different ways to get involved, find additional resources, and browse ideas.

Are you a nonprofit?

The CyberGrants FrontDoor portal removes administrative burden for NPOs and reduces risk for donors. Access gifts more efficiently to spend more time doing good in the communities you serve.

Achieve Agile Social Impact across all your CSR efforts.

Grants Management

Speed and streamline the granting process for your team and the NPOs you support, so they can devote more time and effort to their causes.

Employee Giving

Quickly implement new programs and provide employees choice. Use Viral Engagement techniques to build camaraderie and excitement.


Create innovative programs, tap the unique expertise of your employees, and give them the flexibility to pursue your chosen causes or their own.


Integration with AP systems automates disbursements while serving as the system of record for all payments related to disaster relief grants.

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