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Developed with Nonprofits for Nonprofits. Claim your organization. Get verified. Experience all of CyberGrants through a single FrontDoor.

We are taking our holistic vision for corporate social responsibility to the next level.

The Nonprofit Advantage, one login, one profile, faster disbursements.

CyberGrants FrontDoor portal removes administrative burden for Nonprofits so you can spend more time doing good in the communities you serve. FrontDoor is our new free consolidated portal designed to save time and effort. Nonprofit administrators managing matching gift and grant programs gain the ability to access the hundreds of corporate portals that are hosted on CyberGrants through a single web address, email, and password. 

More Advantages…

  • Authorized nonprofit administrators can leverage a single set of credentials to access gifts across multiple programs and company profiles
  • Use Payment Console to review details on payments from all companies made to your organization in one centralized location.
  • Ability to search over 1.7M nonprofit organizations listed with the Internal Revenue Service and either claim ownership of the Tax ID or request access from an existing administrator
  • One-stop updates to your organization’s profile and banking information that are automatically reflected across all of CyberGrants

On the Front Lines, and Using FrontDoor. A Discussion with CyberGrants Nonprofit Council

During this Coffee Talk session hosted by Pete Karns, members of the CyberGrants Nonprofit Council, including Feeding America, the American Cancer Society, The University of Texas Foundation, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, will have a candid conversation from the nonprofit perspective about the current giving ecosystem, how to find and implement opportunities to increase efficiency and security, the mission of the Council, and how corporations can work with nonprofits through FrontDoor for more impact and better user experience.

CyberGrants Nonprofit Organization Council (NPO Council)

“Non-profits are stakeholders. Someone finally listened.”

A direct quote from one of the founding members at the third annual CyberGrants Nonprofit Organization Council (NPO Council) meeting. The words were in reaction to those from CyberGrants CEO Mark Layden when he said “We used to think the NPO was merely the outcome at the end of the donation process in our Visio diagram. That simply is not true. We want to change the way we do things so you can change the world.”

NPO Council Logos

What Nonprofits are saying about CyberGrants

“Kudos to CyberGrants because I have been to several webinars and you guys are doing a great job keeping us informed.”

 “Please pass along my sincere thank you to everyone doing the webinars. They really are so helpful and the blog posts and the website. Super helpful, great content. So thank you for that.”

“FrontDoor eliminates a lot of headaches. I no longer have to worry if all my information is up to date, or if the gifts are routed the right way.”

– Ben Howell, Assistant Director, The Ohio State University Foundation

How do I get basic support for login assistance, grant application questions or technical problem?

Contact the Nonprofit support team. For the fastest response time, we recommend reaching out to support by clicking on the link located within the email you received. Or if you have registered as a user in CyberGrants, please log in and click the “Need Support” link located at the bottom of the page.

Where do I find information regarding a recently received payment?

If you are a FrontDoor administrator for your organization, login to FrontDoor and use the ‘Payment Console’ function in the sidebar and use the filters to find your payment information. If you are a CyberGrants user but not a FrontDoor administrator, please log in and click the “Need Support” link located at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, we recommend reaching out to support by clicking on the link located within the email you received.

I want to solicit a grant, does CG provide Grants?

CyberGrants connects the world’s givers to those who can benefit the most. We may disburse funds on behalf of our clients, but do make approval decisions. You must complete the application process and meet the necessary requirements of that respective organization.

Our Commitment to our Nonprofit Partners

At CyberGrants, we think of nonprofit empowerment as our commitment to work closely with nonprofit organizations to reduce administrative costs, simplify the disbursement process and facilitate collaboration. The way nonprofits interact with the CyberGrants platform is not only important to us but we know it is important to our clients. Caring about nonprofits is an investment in improving how the giving ecosystem operates from a holistic approach.

“We used to think the NPO was merely the outcome at the end of the donation process in our Visio diagram. That simply is not true. We want to change the way we do things so NPOs can change the world.”

-Mark Layden, CyberGrants CEO