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The 8 Facets of Seamless Grantmaking

The grantmaking process will always be full of challenges to overcome, but with these insights garnered from years of working with foundations of all sizes, an efficient grantmaking process is completely possible and will be in your future.

How to Start an Employee Volunteer Program

The benefits of employee volunteering are well documented. This video showcases some of the highlights. If you’re convinced but don’t know how to get started, check out the collection of resources below.

Employee Giving Programs: The Key to Engaging Millennials

With millennials entering the workforce in high numbers, companies of all sizes and across all industries must determine the best methods for attracting, engaging and retaining top performers of this generation. Read this guide for insights on understanding millennial giving and best practices to improve millennial engagement.

Drive Business Growth with Corporate Giving Programs

Read revealing insights on:

  • The critical ingredients for success
  • Meeting employee and customer expectations
  • Achieving the social seal of approval

Giving Made Simple Guide

Read revealing insights on:

  • Engage stakeholders and get executive buy-in
  • Tap into employees’ passions to increase participation
  • Choose the right charitable organizations

Guide to Grants Management

Though the grants management process can be tedious and long, grantmaking is often made more difficult than it is. Learn how to create an ideal process to positively impact all stakeholders.

Quick Guide: Get Exec Buy-in for Corporate Philanthropy Software

There’s strength in numbers, and there’s nothing like bringing together an entire workforce for the greater good. Whether you’re interested in starting a corporate philanthropy program like volunteering or matching donations or ready to invest in a system to take your programs to the next level, CyberGrants can help!

Managing a Successful Long-Term Giving Program

Read revealing insights on:

  • Learn how to tap the passion of your employees
  • Why you should engage external stakeholders
  • How to communicate to internal and external audience

Building Employee Engagement through Corporate Giving Programs

Read this guide for insights on:

  • The connection between employee engagement and financial performance
  • The coming model of corporate philanthropy
  • Communication’s essential role in giving programs

The Power of Employee Giving and Volunteering

Read this guide for insights on:

  • The connection between employee giving and employee wellness
  • Engaging employees with relevant and impactful programs
  • The role of employee giving and volunteering programs in improving organizational leadership

Workplace Giving Guide

Recent research has proven that humans by nature are good, and we want to help and cooperate. How does workplace giving play into this concept? Read this guide to learn how companies are given an opportunity to increase their impact through employee volunteering and giving.

Strategic Corporate Philanthropy: A Guide to Success

Today’s companies understand that it’s about more than signing up for a new system or creating another nameless, ineffective program. A step-by-step guide to a successful execution of a corporate philanthropy program.

The Importance of Compliant Giving Programs

Read this guide for insights on:

  • Risks for companies donating to non-vetted charities
  • Compliance challenges
  • Recommendations for compliance and effective giving

Best Practices for Selecting and Managing Corporate Philanthropy Specialists

Read revealing insights on:

  • How to leverage corporate philanthropy specialists
  • Learn what makes a good corporate philanthropy program
  • Selecting an outsourcing partner

7 Qualities An Outsourced Vendor Needs

To be strategic in corporate philanthropy, organizations require a powerful platform backed by subject matter experts.The ideal solutions will have some (or all!) of these 7 qualities.

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