Agile Grants Management

Streamline the grantmaking process for your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, expedite applications for your nonprofit partners, and optimize your social impact in one centralized platform. 

Manage the entire grant management process with ease.

 Grant management involves multiple steps and layers of approval. But with grant management software, the entire process is streamlined for grantmakers and grantseekers alike. Receive access to the CSR industry’s most flexible workflow engine so you can spend less time tracking applications, creating reports, and seeking administrative approval and more time evaluating where your funds will make the most impact. 


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Choose a grant management solution that aligns with your CSR strategy. 

Whether your giving ecosystem is built around grants management or grants are a part of your larger CSR strategy, our grant management software can be tailored to your organization’s every need. With multiple configuration options and seamless integration to personalize your programs, you can reduce administrative burden, prioritize partner relationships, and fund the causes you care about.

“We think of CyberGrants as our strategic partner in everything that we do. We don’t make any important decisions without consulting CyberGrants, working with our account representatives and the leadership throughout the company. It’s made a tremendous impact on the way we do our work efficiently and effectively.“

– Walmart Foundation

Streamline and accelerate each step of the grantmaking process.

Expedite approvals

Speed up the approval process with streamlined grant assessment workflows and a configurable, rules-based system.

Deliver role-based access

Give special permission to team members to search through your database, review grant statuses, access reports, and administer the system.

Provide executive dashboards

Provide stakeholders access to your funding progress with real-time, interactive dashboards. 

Track budgets effectively

Track grant allocations against your budget line-items to ensure expenditure expectations are within set limitations.

Ensure compliance and mitigate risk

Protect your organization by automatically checking watchlists and tax-status databases, both U.S.-based and international.

Manage multiple languages & currencies

Review and approve grants from anywhere in the world and report global impact with automated currency conversion.

Improve the grantseeking experience. 

Time saving pre-qualification

Pre-qualification questionnaires help grantseekers self-select out of the process before they even begin, so no time is wasted finding funds for their organization.

Real-time status updates

Grantseekers can access the status of a grant at any time during the approval process, and track progress against special requirements such as progress reports or surveys.

Email and phone support

Whether grantseekers access the FAQ page or submit a request form, CyberGrants support staff will answer their questions on your behalf.

One login across all funding sources

By joining the powerful CyberGrants network, grantseekers can access grants across different organizations and follow up on applications with one central login. 

8 Facets of a Seamless Grantmaking Process

Explore industry best practices for grant management.

Discover how to build a  successful grantmaking process and leverage  grant management software to power your efforts with our free guide. 

Achieve social impact across all your CSR efforts with our unified software.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, use our tools to provide fast, reliable support to communities in need. 

Employee Giving

Implement new workplace  giving programs that drive deeper employee engagement and build a connection to company culture. 


Create innovative volunteer programs and encourage employees to give back to the causes they care about. 


Outsource and automate disbursement processing with a donor-advised fund (DAF) administered by CyberGrants.

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  • Deepen Your Commitment to CSR With Community Impact Dashboards

    In early 2020, the team at CyberGrants dreamed up an analytics solution that would change the way corporations and foundations understand their impact, make near-real-time decisions, and measure equity. The goal was to create a solution that would empower our customers to make data-driven decisions and build meaningful programs to address top-of-mind issues.  

  • CyberGrants 2023 Roadmap Webinar Recap

    Over the past several months, the team at CyberGrants has delivered to our products impactful new features and functionalities like digital wallets, a matching gift integration with EveryAction, and community impact dashboards, just to name a few. Not only are we continuing to enhance our platform, but we also shared that we're joining forces with WeSpire to expand Bonterra’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) solutions and help our customers transform their approach to social impact, allowing them to efficiently deliver programs that power lasting change.  

  • Roadmap Update for 2023 and Beyond: Partnering with WeSpire and Product Investments That Enable Impact Reporting, Incentivize Participation, and Facilitate Partnerships

    Last year, we shared the exciting news that CyberGrants became Bonterra. Bonterra is the leading social good software company that brings together innovative technology, unmatched expertise, and strategic partnerships from CyberGrants, EveryAction, Network for Good, Social Solutions, and their respective entities. Very recently, we announced our family continues to grow: WeSpire joined Bonterra to expand our corporate social responsibility (CSR) offerings, a strategic acquisition that marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to supporting and evolving employee engagement and powering those who power social impact. 


Grantmaking Transformed

Grantmaking Transformed

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